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Greetings to footballs fans and those who just appreciate the intricacies of human nature - both on and off the field. My career in athletics has spanned almost 40 years and has been a ton of fun! As a player and later as the father of a player, I learned to appreciate the discipline and commitment of coaches. As a coach, I learned to expect the unexpected, to lead by example, and to always believe in my players. I have been fortunate to coach at the high school level, the arena sports level and at the University of Colorado, Mesa State College and Fort Hays State University. In my book Beyond the X's and O's I share some of my most memorable experiences from those years including stories about my coaches, my student athletes, and some of the bizarre things that happen in the life of intercollegiate athletics. I look forward to sharing them with you.

Please feel free to contact me with any sports questions you might have. I share my blogs on this site as well. Enjoy.

Stories Behind the X's and O's

Why I Wrote the Book

The definition of the word coach is simply "a person who trains and mentors an athlete or team." I have learned from the best and my life has been personally enriched by countless experiences both on and off the field. I hope my career has lived up to the definition of the word "coach" and that in some small way I might have made a difference in the lives of young athletes. It has been an honor and a privilege to be called Coach Cortese for almost four decades.

Every coach has stories similar to those I have shared in this book. Most likely, some are better or more significant than mine. But I would not change anything in my career -- it has been a wonderful journey. I have relayed these stories with as much accuracy as possible given the age of my memory and the number of times I have been tackled throughout the years. I sincerely hope I have not offended anyone or caused any painful memories to resurface. In writing this book, my intention was solely to honor the athletes, their families, and the many coaches with whom I have worked. Their presence in my life has made me a better person, and I hope, a better coach.


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I never played for Bob Cortese but I learned a lot from him. Bob knows people. And if you listen closely to what he says, you will learn a lot about yourself as well.
— Mick Cornett; Mayor, Oklahoma City

Like all young men playing athletics at that age, we privately questioned his methods and held long off-campus discussions about whether the old coach had lost his mind ... but when he spoke, we listened and when we listened - we won. And won a LOT.
— Jeff Rickard, National sports radio talk show host, 2006 Sports Illustrated New Radio Personality of the Year

Bob was a wonderful coach; and an even better story teller. He had a very colorful career and his book shares with sports fan the many different sides of athletics.
— Irv Brown, 30 year Denver talk radio show host and ESPN TV analyst

What's New

  • On the drawing board is a book for young adults about football